Equine (Horse) Photography

 (Contains 12 photos)
The Farrier portfolioFarrier at work shoeing Harry the Horse.
 (Contains 33 photos)
Equestrian Photography portfolio
 (Contains 14 photos)
James Ewart Racing portfolioOpening day of Scotlands only all weather Gallops at James Ewarts Stables near Langholm.
 (Contains 166 photos)
Moniaive Horse Show 2008 portfolioImages from Moniaive Horse Show 2008.

Prints available.
 (Contains 8 photos)
BDS Trec at Barstobrick portfolioBDS Trec at Barstobrick Equestrian Centre,
run by Galloway Area of British Driving Society/Wigtownshire Driving Club
21st June 2009
 (Contains 31 photos)
Moniaive Horse Show 2009 portfolioPhotographs taken in the afternoon after the rains had cleared.
 (Contains 21 photos)
Clydesdales portfolio
 (Contains 1 photo)
Barstobrick BDS Ken Ruthven Demonstration portfolio
 (Contains 44 photos)
Moniaive Horse Show 2010 portfolioHaving been to the Moniaive for 4 years running now I was getting a bit bored with the usual action shots. So went this year my images are more candid in nature and try to show a a flavour of the event rather than huge numbers of action shots.
 (Contains 22 photos)
Clydesdales 2013 Include Foals portfolio